Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade ready for canning

One of the wonderful things about growing up in Southern California was being able to grow citrus trees in the backyard.  Every winter, my mother, standing little more than 5 feet tall, would gather as many oranges and tangerines as she could.  Then she’d get out a ladder to pick the fruit a few feet outside of her reach.  When the remaining orange bulbs teased her, still outside her grasp, she’d drag me out to backyard and force me to climb the ladder until only the fruit at the top of the tree was left.  We had bags full of fresh fruit!  She gave these away to everyone she could.

Last year, I thought, “Why not do something more than put these in plastic bags?”  I found this website with excellent instructions on how to not only make your own marmalade but properly preserve it in cans to last throughout the year. My sister and I made four batches.  Each batch yielded about a dozen half-pint cans.  This year, she and I did it again, and our hope is that this is the start of a long tradition.

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